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LYDA Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil - Toronto, Canada & Online

LYDA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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For millennia the people inhabiting the fertile valley of the Evrotas River, located at the foot of Mt. Taygetos and steps away from the ancient warrior city state of Sparta, have been producing the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils. To this day Lyda Extra Virgin Olive Oil, named for the Queen of Sparta mother of the famed “Helen of Troy” is cultivated in the same lush Evrotas Valley. Our family has been producing the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the last 250 years. We still harvest the famous “Koreneki” and “Athinolia” variety of olives by hand. This fertile land blessed by an abundance of sun and the proper amount of rain produces an extremely low acid, extra virgin olive oil that has also been proven in a 2014, Harvard study to posses a very high Phenolic EVOO compound that has been shown to have tremendous health benefits. Greece easily produces the most extra virgin olive oil in the world and the olive oil produced in the Evrotas River Valley, which dates back over 3000 years is widely accepted as amongst the worlds finest. 

***Ripely aroma, well Balanceddark Green in cloud, hints of Artichoke with a Bitter Peppery finish